Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Journey Has Begun

We spent the day at Shriner's and PCMC today. See what we put on Ammon's blog. I had to do the blog today because I didn't realize the photos put on Dad's computer couldn't be pulled up on the laptop or Ammon's computer. Check out his blog. Adrianne will be especially interested in something on the blog.
We received some troubling news yesterday when Shriner's called and said the second surgery would be on Aug. 29th, not Aug. 15th. That really creates a hardship for me with work, for the girls being left alone even that much longer, and poor Ammon will have to have an extra two weeks in traction. We met with the surgery coordinator today to see if they could schedule something earlier but we know now it can't be on the 15th. The doctor will be out of the country that day.
This is going to be a killer for us but we'll do what we have to do. Anyway, the story of the day is on his blog - and the fun FHE we had last night with some of Ammon's favorite friends.

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