Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Walks Continue

This view reminded me of our carpets in Indiana when Adam would vacuum. No one could walk on it and he loved to see the lines all perfectly straight.

Thought this might bring some memories back to some of you.

I love the lines on this top photo.

This post doesn't do this "whatever-it-is" justice.

Every day I walk. I am constantly surprised when I go around an old familiar path and see something striking or new.
If any of you wonder why I keep doing this, it's because I am learning - I'm practicing on you while I learn how to use the blog better. Sorry if it is annoying to anyone. One of these days I'll quit. I will probably next learn how to set up my own blog and put my own stuff on it but for now, I'm still a fledgling student - and a poor one at that. You will have to grin and bear it.


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Well, as you can see, this wasn't set up correctly. I had deleted all the space between the photos but it didn't save. I tried other layouts and didn't like it. Like I said, I'm learning.

Jess and Jen said...

The pictures look great. The grass one reminds me of professional baseball fields.

I think Chelsey (at her own admission) picked up on the OCD thing with the carpet lines. -Jess

Mike and Adrianne said...

These are great pictures. I don't know very much about blogs either. I just know how to set a basic one up, put on links, and post.

chelsey said...

Yes, I like my carpet lines. Silly, I know. It shows that it's clean! Too bad I don't have a working vacuum right now!! Maybe it's all that sand from the sandbox Sarah and her neighbor friend tried to clean up for me....

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I think the truth is that Mom just likes to get out and see all those young men walking around and playing VB in the sand. I have not been the best of specimans, and she must get an urge to visualize and pretend once and a while. She is too cautious to take pictures of anything but the landscape. Lines, Huh! And all of my life I have had to use discipline to keep my eyes on only the trees and landscape. Mom is just putting on a good show. Well, lunch hour is short and I guess too much damage cannot be done!

Dad Clark