Sunday, June 29, 2008

Noon Walk

Friday was cool enough to take a noon walk again. I found something really strange and thought I'd share it. On the south side of the Harmon Bldg I noticed something really strange on the chain link fence. At first I thought it might be the hide of a flying squirrel hung out to dry - but as I got closer, this is what I found.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that the branches of a small tree had grown around and through the chain link fence.

Is this weird or what?!


Jess and Jen said...

It seems like we remember s similar tree growth around a powerline / powerpole in Brent and Chelsey's Rose Park neighborhood. Is that right, guys?

That is amazing to see how these trees grow. It reminds me of the talk by Pres. Monson about the wedge he left in the tree that eventually led to it's demise. -Jess

chelsey said...

Yes, it was something similar to this at our first house. Good memory Jess. The tree branch had a power line right through the middle of it. It was the wierdest thing! The power company just trimmed the branch and left the rest of it attached. I should've taken a photo.