Monday, June 30, 2008

I Swear, The Worst Luck Ever!

I just got home from girls camp and I have a little story for you.
As time got closer to leave for girls camp we learned that we would be taking charter buses up to camp. I personally groaned inside because I was so sick of them still since choir tour. The day came to leave and we all met at the Church behind the Payson hospital. The buses came and we loaded. I was reading the whole way up so I wasn't really paying attention until we got to the part of the ride that showed the whole city of Heber. It was beautiful, but something didn't seem right. All of the sudden the bus stopped. It had over heated and would not start. We said a prayer and a little while later we got going again only to have it over heat two more times. It would have been only a five to ten minute ride from the point it first stopped to our camp but ended up being a thirty minute ride in the end. It was pretty dumb, but at least we weren't the only ward that had bus troubles. Fourth Wards bus over heated once on the way up too. Girls camp was such a fun week but I started to want to go home to my soft comfy bed by the second to last night. I was so happy to get going on Friday morning. I read my book on the way down and it was a very good book and once again I didn't pay attention, not even on the parts where you could see the view. When the bus got off the hill and started down into town on that really long road it pulled over to the side and all of the other buses passed us. Kari Turner was sitting next to me both times. We looked at each other in disbelief when we found out that the brakes were starting to give out. We had to get off the bus. We had to call another bus from the company to come and get us. The bus company could send one from three different places, Provo, and hour wait, Salt Lake, and hour wait, or Park City, a twenty minute wait. The only problem with the Park City choice, which we chose, would not be a charter bus, but a school bus type of bus. We had to ride to Payson in a small school bus. It was not that bad because we actually had air unlike the charter bus. The bad part of the deal was that we had to wait two more hours for a UHaul to get our luggage and bring it up to Elk Ridge. I found out later that day that our ward wasn't the only one with bus troubles though. Fourth wards bus started to leak so bad that he could barely get them off the Payson exit by Flying J. Then some of the girls in that ward started doing one of the song we sing before things at camp and caused two Mexican boys to look over as they were getting on the ramp and they caused a car crash. Amanda Tipton said that they stood in disbelief that it happened and then all of them ran to their leaders. So I guess that the Elk Ridge Second and Fourth wards have really really bad luck when it comes to buses. Over all I can say with an even bigger passion than before, I ABSOLUTELY HATE CHARTER BUSES!!! I did have fun at girls camp though, and got majorly tan!

From left to right: Krista Christensen, Me, Melissa Merill, Kari Turner, and Ashley Smith.


Jess and Jen said...

That's incredible that the busses had so many problems. It's a good thing they stopped the bus before the brakes completely gave out...especially since you crossed over the Deer Creek dam. -Jess

Mike and Adrianne said...

Crazy! I hope you had fun at camp though!

Katy Bug! said...

Yeah it was a blessing that we stopped before we got into the canyon. If that had happened we would have been in so much trouble.

chelsey said...

Yikes. I can't say I'm a fan of buses myself either. Glad you had fun at camp. I always enjoyed girls camp.

Michelle said...

I happen to love charter buses, but can't stand Greyhound buses.

The reason I like charter buses is because I met this hot guy on one years ago.

Jason sat in front of me on that bus and teased me that I wouldn't wait for my missionary to come home. Well you know the story and I didn't wait. That's why some say we are the Lewis and Clark bus Expedition.