Saturday, April 19, 2008

This Old (Town)House

The great thing about spring is that we have opportunities to do projects outside. Adam and Amy are doing just that: they are building a shed in their backyard to help cover some of their stuff.

Adam called me this week and asked if I'd come help him today. I enjoy this stuff, so it was a no-brainer. Adam and I got the supplies at Home Depot and then spent about 4 hours actually building what you see here. It's a 4' deep by 8' wide shed. He's going to build a door to put on front and is attempting to make a roof today, too. He'll need help in the coming days actually putting the roof on and then shingling.

I just wish I had remembered sun screen. It was about 70 degrees but very sunny until about 3pm when the winds took over and kicked up a ton of dust. I'm going to be a lobster for a few days.


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Looks like you should teach Henry to build. He sure seems interested.

Give me a call if you need help.

Dad Clark

Team Clark said...

Hey - we didn't know you were going to do this - and when did you take any pictures? I thought I was the only one taking pictures. Very sneaky, Jess...
Thanks for all of your help today - you're great!

chelsey said...

We need to build a shed too!! We'd like to fit it under our deck to put the mower and bikes in, but the HOA says it has to match the exterior of our house. That wouldn't be too hard if we can find the right color siding somewhere. Let us know how yours turns out. Maybe we'll get your plans.

Team Clark said...

Adam's plans are in his head - but I'm sure he'd be happy to pass them on to you!
You can download free shed plans off the internet, too. Interesting, huh?