Thursday, April 17, 2008

Forgotten Again

Dad had to take Mom to work today because the Van (and now the Tracker) was in the shop. I knew that one of us would need to go and get her. It gets later on in the day and I am in my room reading my new book, 'Meet Your Match'. I look at the time and I think to myself, "I should go and tell Dad to wake up in a while." No sooner had I thought that, I hear the TV turn off and Dad get out of the chair. You see Dad has a tendency to fall asleep in the lazy boy while the TV is on. I was so proud that he got up at the right time. I thought that I heard him leave. The next thing I know it's four fourty and I hear dad screaming my name. I run out of my room and he tells me to go get Mom. He had forgotten his own wife! He was getting mad at me because I had to find my glasses, I never found them but I figured heck with it! I get to Mom's work and the first thing she says is, "You and Dad are in so much trouble." I can't believe he forgot her, oh wait yeah I can. He gets mad at me all the time because I forget something. And yet I don't know why he thinks that because I get my forgetfulness from him! Ironic isn't it?


Jess and Jen said...

Welcome home from your trip Kaitlin! Don't you just love it?

Sorry to hear about a bad timing belt in the van. I guess Jason and Michelle had good reason to say they didn't like their Pontiac Montana. Mom and Dad are having problems with their fella.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

The rest of the story should be told. I was busy fixing supper when I forgot Mom. So she at least had something to come home to: Amy's split pea soup. And the table was cleaned up and things even looked nice. The dishes were done, too.

So it was bad, but I could have been worse.

Dad Clark