Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Significant Sunday

Sunday was the Fast and Testimony Meeting, as you all know, since General Conference is coming next week. I am going to post a part of my journal entry for Sunday. It is a message that I think you will like:

There was a testimony born by Naylen Nielson that was significant to me. She spoke of one time recently when she got ready to go to bed early, even before her kids and her husband. She had knelt to pray, and during her prayer her six year old daughter came in and asked her what she was doing. She stopped praying and told her she was saying her prayers. Her daughter then asked her if she needed help, and Naylen told her she did. The youngster then knelt down next to her and proceeded to give her mother the words to pray. You know, “Bless Daddy, bless Mommy,” and other simple but profound things.
That child will never forget seeing her mother pray. She now knows that it is for everyone, and her parents are not just trying to get her to do something that is for her alone. I know from an experience that I had as a child that God will remind the child of it whenever the thought is needed to encourage her own participation in prayer. The simple content of the prayer and its touching utterance is an added bonus for the mother that she will treasure for ever. I am so glad she shared the experience in her testimony.

Dad Clark


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

It was a very sweet testimony. The mom said it was probably the best prayer she has ever said and one of the most significant.

Mike and Adrianne said...

I have caught you both praying by your bedside often. That has helped my testimony grow of prayer.