Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Memory Lane

On our way home from Charlie and Yolanda's house (my in-laws) we stopped in Walton. Here's a picture of the "big yellow house". It looks like a cute family lives there now. The yard still looks great. (The kids were playing on a great swingset outside so I didn't think taking a photo with them in the yard was appropriate!) Then there's the good ol' IN sunsets. The sun just sinks like a giant fireball into the flat ground. It's still amazing. It's strange to drive through Walton now. Nothing has really changed-- and nothing ever will. It's rather sad. Old friends of mine still living in the area are really struggling with every life issue you can imagine. It just makes me wonder why they never ventured out -- even Indy isn't too far to come back and visit family. Anyway, I hate to say it, but I think when our family moved away, we took the life of the town with it! It needs something big and rather frightening -- like all of us-- to liven it up a little!


Mike and Adrianne said...

That is weird to see a picture of that house. We were going to go see it when we went to Ohio two years ago but never got there.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Thank you for posting these photos. I loved the sunsets and I loved the house in Walton. I'm really glad that the family is taking good care of the house.
When we left the Logansport Ward, I felt almost like a traitor. I knew they needed bodies and active ones at that. They needed people willing to attend meetings, serve and care. I felt like we were sucking the life right out of that ward. I hope that is not the case.
I remember when we informed teachers at the school in Walton that our kids would be leaving and moving to a new school that they were all sad. One teacher said to me, "I could think of a dozen kids I would like to move, but not your kids. They are the top of the crop."
Listening to your friends' stories, however, I find myself glad that we did move and give the rest of the kids more choices for friends and more hope for the future than you find in that community.
Thanks again for posting these. It brings back good memories of many things.

Team Clark said...

What a cute house! So when did you all live there?

Lokodi said...

That was my favorite house we ever lived in. I remember going out on Chelsey's roof and watching fireworks and sunbathing. I have very good memories there. Like the woodshed. Lance, David and I formed a secret club and that was our club house. I was of course the president. :) I remember the celler downstairs too. When Jess and Adam used to say fredy Kruger lived in it. Because of that, I never stepped foot in there. Thanks for memory lane Chels!


Papa Doc and the Duke said...


You know I think you all are a special family. But reality says that you all are just wonderful spirit children of a Heavenly Father who have taken being good and decent seriously. I am just happy to have been a part of you all.

There are lots of others who have the same capability, and just need to know as you came to know, what the principles are that are the basis for such a livey bunch. (See D and C 123:12-17)

There are people in Walton that only you can effectively reach. The Spirit tells me this as I write. Listen! YOU must tell some of those people there what you know about the gospel and how it has the power to bring that excitement and joy into their lives. I do not know how you are to do it, but you must. Walton needs you. Do you think you went to the east just to let Brent progress in work? I do not think so.

All of you kids talk about how much you loved Walton. Well, prove it. It is easy to talk about, but have you done all you could to help those good people move forward in eternity?

This may be a "pound the table when you said it" circumstance. I do not know. Buy there is some thing about this that moves me today. (Perhaps you do not remeber the old Sterling W. Sill story that I have related many times myself.)

Ask God for help in this task. He will guide you. He wanted me to say this to you all this morning, so don't get upset with my directness.

Dad Clark