Thursday, January 24, 2008

A few mishaps

Today started out really nicely. Last night I watched a friend of Will's while his parents went to do baptisms with the youth. He came to our house at 4:40 and his mom came to get him at 9:30, well past Will's bedtime. Will didn't take a nap yesterday so he was falling asleep on the couch and when Talon's mom came to get him, Will had already gotten in his bed and kept calling for me to sing to him. He was asleep before I finished helping him with his prayers. Anyway, because the boys got in bed so late, they slept until 8:00!!! It was freezing outside but the sun was shining and I just knew it was going to be a good day. When I went in to get Isaac I noticed his eye was closed shut by goobers. We were supposed to be having play group at our house today so I hurried and called the doctor and got an appointment for 11:30. Then I called my friend Ali, Talon's mom and told her we couldn't have it at my house and so could she do it at her house. She said she wanted to just cancel it. The night before, while all the kids were running around I was in the kitchen making cupcakes for the play group because Ali wanted to have an un-birthday party for all the kids. So I made cupcakes and bought ice cream and a bunch of candy bars because she also wanted to play a game with the candy bars. I had also called all the moms last night to tell them about the play group. So, I was kind of annoyed when she said she wanted to cancel it until next week. That's fine, I'm just not making cupcakes for next week and I can't be blamed if all the ice cream gets eaten. :)

Anyway, still, it was a good day. At 11:17 I get the boys ready to leave and go to turn the car on and it won't start! Will was whining because it was so cold outside and Isaac is crying because he doesn't feel well and I'm not sure what to do. Mike is of course, out of town. So I run next door to my neighbor's house and ask her if she can jump my van. She went and got her husband who was home sick from the flu. This is the same guy that came and set our mouse traps right when Mike was gone in Guam. I felt really bad about getting him out of bed.

I got us to the doctors office and wasn't really sure what to do about the van because last time Mike jumped our van he kept the van running forever. So I just left the van running in the parking lot...I was smart enough to lock the doors and bring extra keys. The receptionist asked if I had enough gas though because apparently they were running behind. Sheesh, I hoped I had enough gas. We didn't run out of gas and Isaac didn't have pink eye. He has a double ear infection again.

It was lunch time and I had to get his medicine so I went to Target and got hotdogs, yogart, and milk for the boys and a sandwhich for me. Then we got Mike some clearanced items for his birthday (shirts for $1.48!), got the medicine and came home. When I drove into my driveway, I saw our neighbor's son (a different neighbor). I asked how he was doing and how his mom was doing because we had seen an ambulance at their house on Monday. Apparently she died. So sad. So, I guess my day wasn't that bad afterall. And actually, it really hasn't been that bad. But it is funny that things always happen when Mike is gone.


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Where did that boy get those eyes? What is the mark on his face. He and his brother have been sword fighting, I suppose.

Your day is full of interesting things. Just life, though. Think of your mom whenever you have days like this. She had them each day, I think.

Dad Clark

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

What a busy day you had! I'm glad you got your car running and that you remembered to take an extra set of keys -- I would have left the car running with the keys locked inside!
So did the doctor decide to put tubes in Isaac's ears? It's about time to do that. He'll feel better if you do it, I guarantee it.
Glad you have had some sunshine.

Jess and Jen said...

That's an excellent picture of Will.

chelsey said...

Here's to hoping things look up for you soon! I agree that it's an excellent photo of Will. Ike's pretty darn cute himself though!