Monday, December 31, 2007


I just wanted to thank everyone who prayed for Eva and I to survive the plane ride. I know those prayers were answered. Eva is still alive and I'm still sane...I think. As you know, I haven't been feeling that great lately, but the moment I got on a plane, things were ok. Since then, I haven't been feeling good again, but at least I didn't have any problems on the plane. We were also blessed to have an open seat next to us on the flight from Pheonix to Philly and from Philly to Frankfurt. That was truely a blessing for me not to have to hold Eva the entire time. The flight from Philly to Frankfurt only had two empty seats and we just happened to get one of those next to us. So, thanks to everyone that prayed for us.



Jess and Jen said...

Hey, it's not just our prayers, but your faith, girl! You asked for the blessing and we know that for those fellas to work, the recipient has to have faith as well. I'm very glad you got the open seats. And who says miracles have ceased?!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

How fun it was to bave Balindus and Eva the Hun here to visit for more than a just a few days. I will admit it is funny not to be constantly looking around for things that will get destoyed if left out, but then it has only been a few years since that was a daily thing in this house.

I am happy to have gotten so well aquainted with that wonderful little girl. She will make Atilla a wonderful wife.

Dad Clark