Sunday, December 30, 2007


Lindsey got on MSN today and asked me to call mom and dad and tell them she and Eva are there and safe. So I thought I'd let you all know that she is there. She said the first flight was great and the long one Eva had a really hard time with but overall, she is very happy with Eva and the flight. She is really tired and happy to be home but also very sad. Her phone isn't working for some reason so she can't call anyone. That is the update on them.


Jess and Jen said...

Thanks for the updates on Lindsey, Adrianne. We're very glad she arrived safely and can get settled again before she has a kid in a few months. -Jess

Lokodi said...

Well, I'm here. Now we are just adjusting to the time difference. Eva slept last night from 7-10:30 then went back to bed at 2am until 9, so I can't complain. I found out people can call me on my phone, but I can't make calls out. it will be fixed on Wed. Other than that, things are all how I left them. Thank you to everyone out in utah for letting me crash at your places, visit and just have a good time. I love you all.