Monday, December 10, 2007

Icy Conditions for Adrianne

Looks like Adrianne is dealing with some nasty weather. I was trying to call her today after reading the news reports, but Dad said they are without power, heat, and telephones. She apparently called Dad with her Mother-in-Law's cell phone (she's visiting while Mike's in Guam) and gave a report.

I don't miss the ice storms and the messes they create. I hope they get their power back soon. We went a few nights without a heater last winter, and that was nerve-wracking, especially with young kids. I was thinking of them all night and it only dropped to something like 50 degrees in the house here. Kinda makes me wonder how pioneer parents could ever endure watching their kids suffer as they crossed the plains in the cold.


Jess and Jen said...

It looks like Jason and Michelle might now be getting the same ice, too? I saw an AP report today from Des Moines and they were saying things weren't looking good. Any news from you Midwesterners?

chelsey said...

Thankfully, it's all missing us!! Cincy got last year's icestorm that Adrianne had, but this time, it's all going north of us.