Wednesday, December 05, 2007

First Snow

Cincy had its first snowfall of the season last night into today. So far we've had about 3 inches at my house. The roads look a little slick and slushy, but nothing too terribly scary. Brent said the drive to work was fine, just slow.

SO WHY IN THE HECK ARE THE SCHOOLS CLOSED??? Our entire district is closed!

The snow is actually quite beautiful on the trees. My neighbor's house looks like a xmas postcard. Ohioans are apparently wimpy when it comes to snow though. I understand caution with ice, but this? I can still see the concrete on the street. There's not that much out there people.


Jess and Jen said...

Sweet snow, young lady! We had a weird storm here last Friday-Saturday. The valley locations got as much or more snow than the ski resorts. Typically, if we get 4 inches of snow, the resorts get 12. Not this time. We got close to 8 inches in our backyard, but it's about 80% melted now, less than a week later.

I saw a link in CNN that said DC is getting snow now, too. It looks like I made my trip back East (to Cincy and DC) at just the right time.

Katy Bug! said...

I would die for a snow day!!! Our school district doesn't have school out during the winter.

Mike and Adrianne said...

It looks pretty. I kind of miss snow. I say kind of because I love it and hate it. I hate having to get us all bundled up but I love the feeling of snow outside and a warm house inside. It is all so beautiful.