Friday, December 07, 2007

Doing my part

I had an experience unique to us Utah saints yesterday. My ward was asked to fill a dairy assignment at Welfare Square this month. Every Thursday, my ward is asked to fill 4 spots from 1-5pm to help in the dairy plant. I have plenty of vacation time (but actually little time to take the vacation Jason and his 500,000,000 hours of vacation those state employees get), so I decided to fulfill my first welfare assignment.

It was hard work, but I enjoyed it. We were filling bags with 50 lbs. of Atmit (see here for more information). Someone loaded the empty bag on to the machine, someone else clamped it shut and started the filling process, and I took it from the machine and fed the full bag through the machine that sealed the bag.

After 3 hours and over 100 bags, my arms and back were pretty tired, but it was fun to participate in this. They even gave us free cheese afterward!

The timing was a little unfortunate, though, because I played church ball and then officiated a game last night until after 10pm. My poor, weak body is feeling the pain.


Mike and Adrianne said...

We worked at the bishop's storehouse once and that was a lot of work but fun and easy. Think of all the exercise you are getting.

chelsey said...

I always wished I'd used welfare square for more than just DI shopping! I should've gone in and got to work on my own food storage! Take advantage of it!!!

Lokodi said...

I remember dad making us go to one of the dairy farms out past west mountain one saturday morning. I was so mad at him for making us get up early and work there. However, it ended up being a very great learning experience for me. That's even where I learned how to drive a stick shift. I drove one of the church owned trucks up and down a compost. Thanks dad!!


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

We have a small package of Admit at home. One of the managers of the Welfare Square was down to meet us (at work) and when he heard about Ammon, he gave me a package and told me to try it. It has tons of nutrients that helps save starving children's lives.
I'm glad you got to go to the Storehouse to work. I remember going several times to the one in Indianapolis. I almost got nauseated by the peaches flying by so quickly. We made tomato sauce once and canned peaches another time that I remember. We went once in California, too.
Our ward now only has an assignment during the day so I don't get to go.
It's a good experience for everybody.

Jason said...

All of you are too young to remember the church welfare farm in NE but it was much the same thing. We would pull weeds, pick corn, etc... Although we don't have church dairies, farms, DI, and so forth, we have the opportunity to participate in community related projects. For example, we have an assignment at the Wesley house (a community free lunch progam) once every couple of months. We do this in conjunction with other churches and organizations in the area. As everybody has said, these types of assignments are invaluable.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Work on Church Welfare projects should be an ongoing part of your service experience. I hope you all take the opportunity to get involved in some way.

Our dairy assignment here is not filling packets with anything. It is more like scooping poop out of pens and hauling it to fields. How lucky can you get?

Dad Clark