Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mike is in Guam

Mike got to Guam safe and sound. I still haven't heard from him but he asked his co-worker to email me and tell me he is there. We woke up at 3 AM and got ready and then waited for our babysitter to come. She never showed up. So, we woke the boys up at 4:15 and jetted off to the airport. Since we waited for her for so long, he was really rushed and we didn't really have to time to do anything but say bye. Isaac cried and cried when Mike said goodbye and walked away. Will kept saying, "Daddy needs to come home. He's not going in a plane." When we drove up to the driveway and he saw Mike's red car he started yellling, "Daddy's home!" I had to explain to him that he was still on the plane and would be there for awhile longer and he just left his car home. He keeps asking about him every few minutes. He woke up all night long and kept saying, "Is that daddy?" after every sound. The boys only slept like one hour after we got home and Will refused nap time and Isaac only slept an hour so it was a cranky day for all of us. Anyway, I got the email from his coworker at 4:30 so I think Mike was flying forever! Poor Mike. He should be sleeping. The internet is extremely expensive there so I don't think he will get it. He can get access to computers on base with internet but he will have to do that on his off hours and he works 12 hour days. We only have about four hours that overlap of awake hours (and they aren't all in the same block) so I'm not sure when we will hear from him. Hopefully he will go use his coworkers internet when he wakes up. I really feel bad for Lindsey right now. I have a long list of fun activities to do with the boys (pizza night, crafts, shopping, letters to santa, play group, etc) and I hope that keeps us busy but I still feel like 20 more days is forever. You are the woman, Lindsey.


chelsey said...

Hang in there ladies! We're all praying for you. The holidays are especially tough without loved ones there to share it with. The time will pass quickly!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

It's very tough to be on your own with small children. It's hard enough if you don't have children, but they need their daddys and you need the support, comfort and help as well. I remember when Jim left for California and that very night Jason decided to have appendicitis. It was such a tough decision to know what to do and how to take care of the kids while I was with Jason. And then when Jim moved to Utah and left us behind in Indiana to sell the house and pack up by ourselves, that's when I really found out how tough I am. It was a very difficult 3 months, but we all made it through and so will you! Rely on the Lord because He's the one that knows you best and can give you immediate comfort. Through this process that both Adrianne and Lindsey are going through, they will find their own spiritual and emotional toughness and will be blessed for it.
Both women and their children are in our prayers constantly (as are their husbands).
We love you!!

Lokodi said...

That cracks me up adrianne. We are totally in the same boat. When hans first left, eva definately knew something was wrong. she kept walking into my bedroom looking for her daddy and pointing to his picture. that just broke my heart. Keep really really busy. That's what I have found really helps eva and I both. Good luck.


Jess and Jen said...

Jess's business trips are usually only a few days...the longest was a week. Keeping busy is the key for me, but of course, it's a lot easier to keep busy for a few days! The girls know that whenever Jess is gone we buy Mug Root Beer (or doggy soda as they all it...because there is a dog on the label). We don't have soda that often so they get pretty excited about it. Good luck!