Saturday, November 24, 2007

A good day!

Well, it's actually a great day. Here are three good reasons:

1) Kailtin's 16th - happy birthday Katy. We all hope you have a great time at your party!

2) BYU WINS!!! BYU 17 Utah 10. Mountain West Conference champions at 9-2 and moving up in the rankings. Fun times!

3) BYU WINS!!! BYU 78 No. 6 Louisville 76. Lookout for our B-ball team this year. They are looking great. It had been since 1965 that BYU had beat a team ranked that high. This is a great moment for BYU basketball. We are now playing No. 1 North Carolina and doing ok so far. I love it!

Not a bad day.

Oh yeah, and LSU lost last night. That was great.

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Papa Doc and the Duke said...

GO COUGARS~!!! My heck, that was one exciting game! I couldn't sit still in the room and watch the whole thing. I had to keep going out of the room and then I'd be drawn back in. Whew! I am going to have a whale of a good time at work tomorrow! It's always a happy day when we beat Utah. Most of the vendors I work with are from SLC and they always give me a very tough time. Can't wait!!! :)
I was sorry we lost to North Carolina, but until the last 7 minutes, we played well. We stayed with them. We went through a total non-scoring period the last 7 minutes and couldn't get a single basket. Had we not lost that momentum, we would have had a great chance to beat the no. 1 team in the nation. They didn't blow us out and I think we will have a great basketball team this year, too.
Kaitlin had a 16th birthday party last night. We took Michelle's suggestion and had the kids bring a snack -- the guys brought snacks and the girls brought gifts. She had about 15 kids here and they seemed to have a lot of fun. We had three different kinds of cake, ice cream, drinks, chips and dip and lots of candy. Thanks for the idea, Michelle. With me being gone most of the day attending my sister's wedding, it was easier to do it this way rather than us trying to do everything. Gillian helped out a ton for which I am very grateful!
Mom C.