Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day at the Dentist

Picture #1
Daniel's before picture. Showing off all the teeth.

Picture #2 Our Pediatric Dentist Dr. Peterson. In this picture he was about to pull out tooth #5. Daniel was very numb. He had to have 7 shots.
Picture #3 Daniel's picture after the event.


Mike and Adrianne said...

That looks painful. How is he doing this morning?

chelsey said...

I'd have to be knocked out to have that done to my mouth! He's braver than I am! Good luck with eating Daniel!

Marlene said...

That dentist looks way too happy.
--Nancy's mom

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

No big deal, Dan. At least your pulled tooth is going to have one grow back in where it is missing. I had one break a couple of years ago and had to had it pulled, too. It came in two pieces. It sure hurt before it was pulled, but after it was great. Now I have to chew on the other side because it hurts to chew where there is not tooth. Bridges are just too expensive. Fortunatly, it was a molar and so it is hidden mostly by my lip. I would really be a grandpa with it out of the front.

I guess it is a big deal after all. Make the most of it and see if Mom will give you simpathy for many days. That would be nice. Don't expect any from your siblings.

Seven shots! You should have told the dentist to put stuff in the first six.

Dad Clark

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I just read the previous posting about Daniell's teeth. Nine teeth out! Oh my. That is a big deal. I can understand that little sadness in your face, Dan. I would have had Dad work the door with dental floss of fishing leader if my mom had mad an offer like that!

Dad Clark

Michelle Clark said...

Daniel is doing much better. He ate french toast for breakfast, but he was sad at how long it took him. He said that he couldn't understand why it took him 20 minutes to eat two pieces. Usually Daniel is my biggest French toast eater and has about 5 pieces. After the 2 he decided it was too much work to eat so he left for school. The dentist is a very happy guy. He seems like he likes his job. He's nice too since our bill had come to $517.50 after insurance and Dr. Peterson knocked off $267.50. Then since the bill was $250.00 he said we could pay "what we could" before Christmas and then $50.00 a month after Christmas and to skip December's payment. I think he deserves more referrals for his kindness.