Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There used to be 8" of pink granite landscaping rock here. Now there are three peonies and next spring I will be building a treliss (sp?) next to the porch to support a clematis. The mums are new. There used to be scraggly bushes there and two layers of rock. The first layer was easy to remove but the second layer was mixed with dirt to about 6 inches down. I had to sift all the dirt to get it clean. When I get done planting these beds next spring I will include more pictures. By the time I finished loading the dump truck with rock, it was loaded to within 2 feet of the back and about three feet deep. My shoulders were sore.


Jess and Jen said...

That doesn't sound like fun (loading up all the rocks...new landscape-done the way you want it-is fun!) I love your front porch.


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Your place looks really great. I am so happy that you are interested in making it nice. Your brothers are like that, too, and it will serve them and you all well. To say the least of what it means for your kids when you get them to help. So even though it was like pulling teeth to get you to help you seemed to have realized that there was something to it. It doesn't get any better than that.

Dad Clark

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

This is going to be very beautiful as the new plants take over. I like what you are doing. I'd like to overhaul our entire yard but it's too much work and I'm too lazy.