Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jess n Jen Halloween

We had a great night trick-or-treating. The girls loved it and have really been looking forward to this. Here they are in the costumes before the big event. Tigger, Belle, and Cinderalla, respectively.

And like everyone else (Richards here, Pughs here, Lancey here), we carved pumpkins Monday night for FHE. We posted more pictures of our fun night on our blog.


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

How can we be so lucky??? We have the most beautiful grandchildren in the whole wide world. I'd take on anybody that didn't agree with that statement.
Wow! Great genes, huh......and way back there maybe Jim and I contributed. Nah, I can't take credit -- these kids just come from great looking parents.
Looks like all had a great time.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

So what have you done? Have you cloned those smiles or did Jen just get her two bits in the mix. What faces they have, and how happy they are! They make me happy to see them.

Love you all
Dad Clark