Monday, February 13, 2017

Three State Trip Part 2

Part 2

Unfortunately, I did not get any good pictures of Adrianne's boys but I did get this one of a big sister taking good care of her baby sister. Adrianne's kids absolutely adore this new baby. They take turns holding her when she fusses and refuses to sleep. She smiles and is happy when she has had at least a little cat nap. Believe Adrianne when she tells you that this baby doesn't know how to sleep. It's very bizarre. All of her kids have been like this.

We had a great time visiting with the family. It was fun to see the school work, read their poetry, see the books they read (volumes!) and watch them interact. It was great to be able to talk to the parents one-on-one after the kids were in bed or when we were out and about. They took us for a ride around the area and we marveled at the hills and trees. We could imagine at every little dip and turn of the road a stillery hidden in the treess. Where we were and what we saw was very clean. There was no junk in the yards. All places were well cared for whether they were large, beautiful homes or simple ones. It definitely wasn't like junky Wyoming and Utah.

We got to watch Mike make an ornament of the Payson Temple for us. He explained how his machines work. We got to see Adrianne's beautiful artwork that is in progress.

Our time came to leave and head to Lance's. It made my heart sad to leave this little family. They are fun and very loving towards everybody. They were coming down with colds and beginning to feel sick so our departure was probably welcomed so they could crash and just be sick. Loved our visit with them!!

Georgia -- The scenery was still filled with trees and hills but the further we got into Georgia, the large the hills. There were constant hills and trees. You could not get a sense of how large any one place was. It was similar but still different from Tennessee.

 Emory Hospital on the campus of Emory University. Where Lance began his job. Lots of construction going on.

 Clinic that Lance managed until recently.

 Lobby of the hospital. Unbelievably beautiful.

 Front of the hospital.

All the buildings on campus have marble on them. They are truly gorgeous.

I believe this is part of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) which oversaw the Ebola issues. This is just down from the Uinversity.

Churches were everywhere! 

We went inside this building called the Mandir. It is a Hindu Temple. The carving inside the building is incredible. This is just a block or so from Lance's house. It was awesome!

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