Saturday, April 16, 2016

Last Pictures of California Trip

I promise - these are the last pictures of our California trip. I can't forget the most important part of the trip -- the people!

The sweetest little face in the world. Who wouldn't be captivated by this look?

 The kids at the end of our hike in Armstrong Woods.
 Amy and Hannah at the beginning of the hike.

 Jim is soooo strong!

 Jim peeking through the base of one tree that split.

 The kids looking inside the base of a tree.

 Ammon is just a speck amongst the forest. It reminds me of Enoch's statement when he saw the creations of God and remarked how insignificant man really is.

Ammon was Mr. Taxi much of the time. Kids loved the ride.
 George was kind of talking to himself when I walked up by his side. He was actually talking to his shadow. As the shadow blended in with other shadows and he couldn't see it he would say, "And now it's gone into the ground." It was too cute to miss so I captured it here.

Two live oak trees - some of my favorite and in plentiful supply in California. I think they are gorgeous trees. It looks like they are sitting on the "Teletubby hills." Adam said that the green hills you see on the Microsoft window were actually taken in this area, just about 2 miles from Adam's house.
 The kids put on a little show for us. They use the entrance to their house as their stage. Sometimes they make up their own songs and sometimes they perform to a recorded song. It was lively and a lot of fun.
 These kids are the most energetic of any I have ever met, I think. These three, especially (Sam, Ella and Grace) seem to always be in the mix of it all. They certainly had fun together.

A few blocks from Adam's house is a nice neighborhood that has been invaded by wild peacocks. They were everywhere! One house had 4 peacocks on their front porch. While they are beautiful to see, I would be afraid of them with so many at my front door. There were also wild turkeys. We saw one coming back from the grocery store - he was just strutting across the street. It is a unique area.

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