Monday, June 29, 2015

Senior Pictures, Birthday Party and Mission Stuff

We have been busy this past week. On Wednesday, Jim, Ammon and I met with Bro. Shelton at the DI facility with the LDS Employment system. Ammon began the process of getting ready to serve a Young Church Service Mission by having a 3 hour assessment. Bro. Shelton interviewed Ammon for an hour, asking us questions as well. And then Ammon took a 2 hour computer assessment. Ammon said it was "challenging." It may take some time to find a good match and it may end up being quick. It will depend on whether or not they can find something that Ammon can actually do using some skill sets so he will have developed an opportunity to find some kind of employment at the end of the 2-year mission.

There are so many opportunities where young people can serve now. It used to be mainly in the welfare areas but now it's in the Family History Centers, the LDS Motion Picture Studio, working with seminaries and institutes, doing digital research, working in the temples, etc.

We are waiting to hear from the missionary couple (who I went to high school with) to see when they want to meet Ammon. I think they are waiting on the results of the assessment. We have no idea where Ammon will serve. We don't know if it will be all day, five days a week or 2-3 days a week. You can pretty much dictate how much you want to work. Ammon said, "Bring it on! I'll work as much as I can." He is getting more and more excited as are we. If I didn't have to work, Jim and I would probably put our papers in as well and serve at the same time in the general vicinity.

This means Ammon will not attend the vocational rehab school as planned. The church meets with these young kids before the mission starts, during the mission and after it has completed to help them with future employment. It seems like the best of both worlds.

Kaitlin's in-laws came up to celebrate Kathrynne's first birthday over the weekend. They asked if I would be willing to take some senior pictures of Morgan. Sheesh..... I was so nervous. I learned a lot. I especially learned what NOT to do. We got some good ones during two different sessions - one in the morning and one in the evening. We took about 400 pictures.  You'd think I would learn something!  I absolutely must take some classes.........

Here are a few samples. First two were taken on the campus of BYU.

 Evening picture taken at Gladstan Golf Course.

 At the top of Loafer Canyon.

This little cutie is one year old! She loved her little cake.

Kaitlin made this very yummy cake - triple chocolate with a chocolate whipped cream frosting. It was sooooo good!

And here's the little mess when she finally got through decimating her cake. I was glad somebody else got her out of that high chair!  Happy birthday, Kathrynne.
As an after thought --- we really like Chad's family. They are so much fun! They are good people, too. It's always fun to get together with them. They have "bonded"with us - ask Gillian and Lindsey about that. They might tell you the reason we have bonded with the Lanhams.

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