Saturday, June 13, 2015

Reunion of Friends

We had the opportunity to go to Chelsey and Brent's last night to spend the evening with Brent's family. Not only were Charlie and Yolanda there, but so was Lynn and Joe Thurman and some of their kids. These are forever friends that we love. It was a great evening full of laughter.

 Brent's cousins.
 Charlies Angels (on the front row).
 Goofball Brent, who will turn 40 tomorrow!
 We spent a lot of time laughing.
 The month of June is a special one for Brent & Chelsey - Brent's birthday, Chelsey's birthday and their 18th anniversary will all be celebrated.
Thanks for inviting us! We had a wonderful time.


Jen said...

The hair is a bit more gray, but other than that, everyone looks the same. Cool that you got to go hang out with everyone and celebrate Brent's birthday a day early. -Jess

Michelle said...

Chelsey and Brent look great! Happy Birthday Brent!