Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Furniture

The only furniture we have purchased since we've been married is our bedroom set and the brown recliner Jim bought just before he had his knee replaced. Everything else has been given to us or found at garage sales or made by Jim. While I really want to purchase a nice couch for the living room, that will have to wait for a while longer. I loved having the large open space in the kitchen. I didn't worry about Ammon running into anything but we realized that we really did need some kind of table there. We've looked for a long time in a lot of different stores. Jim found this one at Costco and it seemed to be the perfect size for our needs. It opens up with small side leaves to seat six but we will leave it with the leaves folded most of the time to seat four.

I'm amazed at how the color scheme and ideas I started with have kind of morphed into something else. Now I have to find something really colorful to use as a centerpiece. We need some other color besides brown here!

I bought the table and chairs last night with some of the money I received for my "excellent work service" award from work. Andy May and his boys came over today to help me get the boxes in the house and then they just sat down and put it all together. I was so grateful! The table is very heavy.

Jim will come home tomorrow after church is over. He's ready and so are we. I also fixed a toilet handle today. (Ask Gillian why.)  Ammon and I sure have missed Jim. He's doing quite well. I don't like feeling like a widow. Even if he won't be able to do very much physically for a while, he's a wealth of knowledge and can talk me through almost any task that we need to do.


chelsey said...

Yeah! You got it! Love the look in that space. Great size for the room too. Way to go!

Jen said...

Looks great!

Jason Clark said...

Beautiful table.