Saturday, September 20, 2014

Busy Week

Ammon was asked to be a spokesman for BYU Football's Thursday's Heroes this past Thursday on a radio program called Cougar Nation on 960 AM. We took him to the golf clubhouse at Thanksgiving Point where he met Ben Criddle (a past BYU football player) and then was the radio guest for a short segment. Ben asked me a question as well. I didn't expect to be on the program but he wanted me to talk about how the program has affected our family in general. It was a fun, quick trip. After it was over, I went back to work.

We attended Parent Teacher Conference on Wednesday night and Friday night Ammon and I worked on covering some boxes to use as the Pop Tab Drop for Ronald McDonald's House. Ammon made a short video about the program last spring but the school didn't show it. It will be shown on Monday and the drive to collect pop tabs will begin in earnest.

Friday afternoon Jim met with Ammon's video production teacher to learn how to use the GoPro camera and they discussed Ammon's video he is working on this year, "Butts & Bellies."

Today the boys went to Sadie Hawkins. Brenden's date picked him up at 1:00 with plans to do lots of activities all day. We aren't fans of spending a full day together but we had never met the girl so Brenden said he would check in as the day went along, which he did. Ammon knows the girl. She has been one of the peer tutors in their special ed art class. She is a nice girl.

Here is Ammon getting ready to go into the radio program.

 It's obvious that Brenden's date, Whitney Stubblefield has gotten to know Brenden pretty well when she showed up with matching Batman hoodies. She told me that's all he talks about in class. :)
 Kelaini Fifita asked Ammon to Sadies. We've known their family for several years but not well. They have a pretty large family. Kelaini has a twin sister named Karina. Ammon has known her for a while as well.
 I had never personally met any of these kids but Ammon knows all of them either because he has taken classes with them or they have been peer tutors for some of his classes. They left about 6:00 p.m.
We fit watching the Iowa game and the BYU game in today as well. It's been a really busy week. Next week nothing special is planned. We can catch our breath and slow down a little.


Jess Clark said...

How fun to have two seniors in the house going to school dances. That's awesome.

Michelle said...

Looks like a great group of kids. HOpe they all had fun.