Monday, June 09, 2014

Mohlman Kiddos

Here are some recent pictures of my littles. They sure are getting big. Mckay is going to be one next month! Can't believe it. 

Mckay is crawling and standing up to everything. He loves the water and loves his food. He is always eating something! He naps great and sleeps all through the night. He is pretty much the easiest baby ever. 

Mia is two and talking like crazy. I honestly cant believe how much she talks. Shes really funny. She loves to wear mommys makeup, dress up, sing, watch movies, swim, and swing! She loves nursery and gets so excited when we tell her its Sunday and she gets to go. She is also into everything--- and it drives me crazy. in a span of two hours the other day she: spilled nail polish on the carpet, squirted red acrylic paint on the carpet, dumped formula in the sink, hit mckay on the head with a metal rod, dumped out a container of glitter, drew on her legs with eyeliner, and then Mckay pooped in the bath tub. It was quite the day. She was sent to her room at 6:30 without dinner and stayed in there the rest of the night. For my sanity. She was tired though, so she fell right to sleep. She is close to being potty trained. She goes potty in the toilet usually once a day. We havent really gone full force because when we do she retaliates and doesnt want to do it and has lots of accidents. So we are kinda letting her tell us when she is ready.  She also loves to dance, jump on the trampoline, talk on the phone, facetime Cecily, and color. She can also count to 10 (assisted a little) and can write an M perfectly!


The Duke said...

They are two darling kiddos! McKay's picture with spaghetti all over looks a lot like Lindsey's picture we have. :)

Jess Clark said...

Love McKay's diaper in the first pic. I've seen a few of those in my day (and undoubtedly worn a few).