Thursday, June 19, 2014

Family Time

Jim, Ammon, Brenden and I were able to go up to Jess & Jen's so we could visit, eat a yummy dinner and attend Abby's championship softball games. This was the only good chance we had to spend a little more time with Mike and Adrianne. It was such a fun evening! It was chilly but we still enjoyed being outside. And Abby's team won the championship! It was awesome!

 She smiled at me! Well, not really at me. She was just having fun playing with her daddy and her blanket. She has hair!

 Piper is that little thing in pink bending over looking at a dog.
 Abby at bat.
 Championship team - Abby is on far left.


Jess Clark said...

Oh man, it was great to have you all up there. Abby was pretty excited to have a cheering squad for her tourney run. Even better that her team won the whole thing.

The Duke said...

It was great that her team won, but we would have cheered just as hard for her had they not won. They were two fun games. Thanks for inviting us.

Marlene said...

Looks like you all have been having a blast together. Wish we could be there for all the family time!

Nancy said...

That was Nancy, not Marlene. :)

Papa Doc said...

Wish you were here, too, Nancy. It's been too long!