Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I want to thank the wives that encouraged (? or let) their husbands spend their entire day finishing our bedroom floor rather than spending time with their wives and kids. Jess and Brent came first and shortly afterward, Chad and Kaitlin showed up, which surprised us because they had gone to Heber to celebrate their first anniversary on Friday night. We didn't expect to see them but they came and added to the help. Chad's shirt is almost right -- called to surf... He called himself to serve today.

 Look at the fantastic corner cuts these guys did. They have turned into pros!
 Floor done - furniture not set in place.
 I'm so grateful for these two Amigos!
 Room set up before drapery is hung.
 I used the curtains that my mother loved. I got them when she died but I have never used them. She loved the valance. It was her pride and joy so I wanted to use them to remind me of her.
 Detail of the valance. It is very old.
 Ammon went with his choir today to the U of U to compete in the state choral competition. He got home about 1:45 and then left for the dance called MORP (Prom spelled backwards). It is a casual, fun dance. His date is Lindsay Brown. I found out today that she is a "vaulter" which means she does acrobats on a horse. She only competes once a year but is part of a club that performs all the time. She's pretty awesome!
 Brent Aitken is the boy in the blue shirt. I can't remember the girl's name that is his date. Ammon knows Brent pretty well. Hopefully he will have lots of fun tonight.
It's been a very long day but so productive. Getting my bedroom done and put back together is one of the best Mother's Day gifts I have ever gotten.

To all my daughters and daughters-in-law, know that I think you are the most special women I personally know. I am in awe of you all the time. I am so grateful to be a little part of your lives.
I love you.


Jess Clark said...

It's been a lot of fun working with everyone on this project and I'm glad we could work together. The house re-do is coming along nicely!

Seth and Natalie said...

I love the flooring in your room, it looks great! And the curtains are beautiful, I love lace. Ammon is such a social butterfly, does he ever miss a dance?