Tuesday, April 01, 2014


This post is for David. He would be so proud of his momma!  I learned how to change electrical sockets and switches tonight. Jim showed me how and we did 9 different switches and outlets. We got rid of the old beige ones that wouldn't hold an electrical cord in place. David replaced quite a few when he was in high school or just before he left for his mission. Jim showed him how. We'll have to do a little paint touch-up but it's coming. We will do nine more in the kitchen tomorrow night before it gets dark and then we'll do seven in the living room the following night.  I'm not very coordinated with my hands on projects like this, but I got a lot faster the more I did.

 We found a can light that will work off a junction box so Jim installed that and it worked really well. I love that little light above the sink area.
We got pretty burned out for a week. We didn't really do much of anything on the house last week except sweep and vacuum over and over to get remaining dust gone. Now it's time to keep moving. A plumber will be coming this week to plumb the dishwasher and have all lines ready for the new sink. The cabinets will be installed on the 8th! However, it will take an additional two weeks to get the granite cut and installed. No water or sink for three more weeks.  

I did get our oak bookcase sanded. It's ready to paint white. As soon as I buy white paint, that bookcase will be painted and I'll start on the closet doors. I would love to replace the doors but we can't afford that so paint will do just fine.

I have some curtains to hang in my bedroom. Hopefully I can get that done by the end of the week, too.

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