Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kaitlin's Shower

Today we had a baby shower for Kaitlin. Gillian, Jen and Chelsey all helped put this little event on for baby Kathrynne Anne. It was originally scheduled to be held at the church and stated that on the invitations because we didn't know if we would have water or not. Once things were done in the kitchen, we switched the event to our house. Our first official party.

 We had BBQ chicken sandwiches, vegetable tray, corn/bean dip with tortilla chips and watermelon. For dessert we had strawberry shortcake.
 Cute decorations made by Gillian.
 Jen preparing her yummy dessert.
 Gillian made this little blanket for the baby (above) and Jen brought supplies for everyone to make some baby bows.
 The younger girls especially liked making these bows. It kept them occupied.
 Pretty good dessert!
 Teresa Cain - a neighbor and one of the most supportive people in my life.
 One of my favorite sisters-in-law, Nelva Clark.
 Gifts from Chelsey.

 Kaitlin and her first freshman roommate, Tiffany.
Dale Bigler invited us to see his "tulip festival" so we went over last night.


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