Monday, April 21, 2014

Green thumb and an update

When Chad and I moved into our little apartment at Wymount last year we had talked about doing some sort of planters so we could do a bit of gardening. We didn't go through with it, mainly because we practically didn't get any sun on our back patio. That patio was really the only place we could have put them and it was our get away from the heat of last summer (we didn't have AC). 

We didn't stay there for more than three months and we love our new place other than it being a bit of a fun sized house (Chad hits the celling all of the time and our doors are extremely narrow). When Celeste was showing us the apartment back in July, she mentioned that they had planted some things in the back yard. They had pretty much let it all go and die because they were not going to be around. When we moved in, I instantly went back and looked at it. It was so over grown by weeds and there were only a few plants that were even close to salvageable. They had done a makeshift garden box for two tomato plants, one jalepeno pepper plant, and green bell pepper plants. That makeshift box helped in keeping the weeds that were taking over the rest of the garden away. I did some weeding for these five plants and kept watering them. We were able to get a good amount of veggies from these plants last year. I enjoyed it and we decided to do a garden this year. We found some seeds for a super cheep deal and dad has started them at his place. He will take some of them and we will take the others once they are ready to transplant. We are excited. 

Now rewind to the couple that lived here before Celeste and Tyler (two families before us). It took me awhile to realize that they had planted some strawberry plants in the planters by our door. They have room to grow and it is good soil. I didn't notice it because they were dying and then covered over by snow for the time we have been living here. I was talking with Vern, the woman that lives above us, and she told me who had planted them. I decided to try and see if they would produce this year. I didn't think they would because they were in such a bad condition from no one taking care of them previously. However, they are not hard and are right at my level so I don't have to bend down to clean them up or water them. 

I took care of runners and started to weed around the area and water them. That was about two weeks ago. In that time they just exploded with a good healthy color and are growing well. I guess I never was so observant when we did strawberries at home growing up because I didn't realize that what was growing were buds for the strawberries. I wouldn't have believed it until I saw this:

Grow little buds! GROW!
What?! They are all over now! I am so proud of myself. Doing a garden at home with dad was always so stressful and I didn't really enjoy it much. I didn't appreciate it. With me being home after this last week of work (weird to think that I have three days left working) and then soon having a baby, I have realized that I really will have more time to do the things I have been wanting to do for so long. I have been wanting to take better care of our home, help Chad in his schooling, taking the load off of his shoulders, work on my relationship with my Savior, get to know others in our home ward, be a better visiting teacher, ect. With me being home, even with a newborn, I know that I will have the time and ability to do a garden and much more. I think this is the longest streak that I have had where our dishes were done with in the day, there is a load of laundry done almost every day, and I am trying to keep our living room tidy. Our bedroom gets messy and I don't keep up on it all the time, but it isn't bad honestly. Mostly just clean clothes that we need to refold and sort through (like socks) to put away. I'm quite pleased. 

I'm excited for this time in our lives and the ability that I have to really be happy, because, believe it or not, I am. I'm happier, with the direction that my life is going, more than I have been in a long time. 

For a short update on us and our doings....

  • Chad has two finals done with three to go. He is doing one a day and is doing well. 
  • We see Gillian and Kevin and their kids often and it is nice to have them close by. We watch them every now and then and it has made me realize that I need to get plastic table wear for when Mia eats here. haha 
  • The baby shower is coming up on Saturday and I want to thank you for all the support you have all given to us through this big step in our lives.
  • I have a doctors appointment (32 weeks on Thursday) this week and we will be starting our two week appointments from now on until I see him every week, and then BABY!
  • I went to two bridal showers on Saturday. One was for a great friend I met at BYU, Danielle. She gets married on May 2. The second one was for Samae Smith, my friend from high school. I hadn't seen her since the summer of 2012, when she was going through chemo. She looks great and is so happy. I'm really glad I know both of these wonderful women. They have both been such lights in my spiritual life. 
  • I know it probably seems crazy to think that we have planned this already, but Chad and I have a date for the baby blessing set up. We had to make sure it was okay do it because it is not on a fast Sunday. We will be doing it on August 24. I will put more details on here as it gets closer but we decided on that day because Chad's cousin is having her baby shower the 23rd and all of Chad's family will be out here. So why not hit two birds with one stone right? 

Anyways, just a bit on us and what we have been up to lately. Hope all of you are doing well. I need to call and say hi more often because I am not the best at that. It just escapes my mind. I hope you know that I love you all even though I don't always express it the best. I love seeing your pictures and updates on Instagram, Facebook, your blogs, even through texts. I will try and call to get those updates from you personally too. We can't wait to see those of you that will be out here this summer! So many great things going on. Love it!


The Duke said...

I'm excited for your baby shower. And excited for this little girl to get here.
I like you living just around the corner from my work. It will be easy to come during lunch hour if you need help.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Everything sounds like it is going well! We are excited for your new adventures. I was so excited to find we had raspberry bushes in our backyard. Things do not grow well here--there is too much hail and the growing season is ridiculously small. We gave up after the first year because after talking to some friends who have successful gardens here they told us how much work they have to put into it and it just wasn't worth it. Of course gardening takes effort, but to have a garden here is just a crazy amount of work. I'm excited to go to Tennessee and grow a garden there! Wish I could be at your shower.