Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alyssa's solo

I managed to get video of Alyssa's solo on my phone.  The sound quality isn't the greatest but I am still a proud father.  I am so impressed with all that this young woman does every day.  She truly is a gift from the Lord.  Here is the link:
This competition was held at Linn-Mar High School in Marion, Iowa this last weekend.  Her judge said that her arrangement was too "poppy" and not classical enough.  Thus, she received a II instead of a I.  Still, for a freshman, I felt her perfomance was great.  Her dynamics were spot on - especially in the 2nd piece (Caro Mio Ben) and her enunciation was light years ahead of her classmates.


Nancy said...

That was really great! Way to go Alyssa!

Jess Clark said...

Holy cow. I had no idea! That is very impressive.

In other news, as I looked at the white board behind her, I was so very glad I was out of high school and that I've never had to use the quadratic formula in real life.

Lokodi said...

Wow, I'm with Jess. I never knew she had a tone like that. I love the sound of her voice. Very rich! Keep that girl singing. She's got a bright future ahead of her. I'm not sure where the judge got the "poppy" sound from. I didn't get that from that performance at all. Way to go Alyssa!


The Duke said...

When did she grow up? She has a very mature sound for a freshman and I was so impressed!!! Keep working on it, Alyssa. You have a great talent. Yeah!!! I love singers in this family and now we have just seen a new, young one.
Thank you so much for sharing, Jason. It was awesome.

Kaitlin Lanham said...

That was really impressive! She has such a great tone, especially at that age. What other kids that age have that maturity in their voice? I didn't get the "poppy" vibe either. The first thing that came into my head was how mature and classical it sounded. Way to go Alyssa! You have a great talent, keep it up. It pays off and really becomes a part of you.