Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Strange Phenomon

It truly did snow yesterday - ground had barely any snow when we got up at 5:30. By 6:50 when I left, we had at least 2" and it was coming down pretty hard.  It snowed all day. Even Provo got a lot of snow and they usually don't get much. I left work an hour early to beat the heavy traffic and to get home before it got dark. It was a slow go but I made it safely home. The roads from Salem to home were really bad. I love (!) snow tires on cars!!! It makes a huge difference. It continued to snow until about 9:00 last night.  I looked out at the deck and asked Jim if he had been out walking on it because it wasn't smooth like it usually is. I thought perhaps the neighbor's dog had been there but there were no tracks anywhere else - just on the deck.  Jim looked more closely and realized that, because the snow was so fine, it had fallen through the cracks and slats of the deck, causing the indentions you see in the first picture. In all the years of living here, we have never seen this happen. It really is strange looking.

Anyway, snow is here.  Ammon and I both stayed home today. He is coming down with a cold and was sick last night because his stomach hurt. It was distended and he was pretty uncomfortable and couldn't eat. He went to bed about 7:45 last night and slept through until this morning. I have a cold and had a sore throat all through the night. I'm feeling a little better but they don't want me at work today so I'm staying home, resting up a bit.

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Desde España, mi familia y yo os deseamosuna "Feliz Navidad" y el el próximo que esta por venir, os brinde lo mejor de él

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