Sunday, October 13, 2013

Birthday Party

Mom flew to Portland this morning so I'll post a few pictures of Ammon's birthday party. We all met in Elk Ridge for some food and entertainment at the church. The entertainment was provided by the Merrill brothers; one did some spot-on impersonations of a variety of people from Jack Sparrow to Elder L. Tom Perry to his own dad. It was great. The other performed a few songs on the guitar and plays and sings well. It was fun to be able to participate in Ammon's 18th birthday party.
Ryan worked with Ammon over the entire summer

Chelsey and McKay. I'm told that holding a baby does not hurt Chelsey's uterus.

The Merrill Brothers

Ammon schmoozing the ladies. Just like usual.

Leah amused that she's being photographed.


Seth and Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Ammon! It looks like there was a pretty great party going on. The whole baby hurting uterus thing sounds a little weird though :)

Mike and Adrianne said...

Sad that I couldn't be there. It sounds like it was a wonderful night.

Jess Clark said...

Natalie ... you gotta ask Gillian for those details. Ha ha.

chelsey said...

Yeah, not sure why my uterus is ever a family discussion?? ;P

The Duke said...

Thanks to everybody for coming. Ammon had a great time. He was so excited over the fuss made.... and thank you all very much for helping with the clean-up! I couldn't have done it without you.