Friday, September 13, 2013

An update on the Lokodi family

I thought I'd give you all the updates in our household lately.  I know I've told some of you, so if you're hearing all this again, sorry.

1. Gabe recovered nicely from his surgery last week.  He had his adenoids removed and tubes placed in his ears again.  Hopefully it will work this time.  Of course, the day after his surgery, he was outside and found a bead on the ground.  For some reason, he decided to put it in his ear and of course, it got stuck.  We had to go back to Leavenworth and have the doc who performed his surgery remove it.  As soon as the doc saw us, he just started laughing.  He said this was a first for him.  He'd never had to remove something from a kid's ear the day after their ear surgery.  Glad we could provide him with a laugh...

2.  I have to get surgery on my foot finally.  I've been thinking I needed this done for quite some time and it is finally going to happen.  I have had plantar fasciatis for over two years now.  I have tried shot injections, physical therapy, a night slint, special insoles made for my feet, heel pads, acupuncture, I've been placed in a boot, etc.  Nothing is getting rid of it.  So now my x-rays are showing the plantar fasciatis has caused a bone spur in my heal.  The doc says it's time for surgery.  Honestly, I'm grateful.  I don't like surgery, but if it means finally being able to walk without pain, I'm up for it! 

3.  We are approaching the end of Hans' time here in Kansas City. :(  We just found out he will be getting stationed at Fort Riley, KS (for those of you who don't know where that is, it's in the middle of nowhere two hours west of here).  We thought we were going to Fort Campbell, but things have changed.  There was a Col. at Fort Riley that is requesting Hans by name to come out and fill this position.  It's a good job, a KD position, which means a Key Development job, aka good for his career development.  However, there's a catch (there's always a catch in the army).  He will start the job in January.  He will leave for a month in April for training somewhere, then he will be deploying  for 9 months starting in June.  So that leaves us with the question and decision of whether or not the kids and I should even move out to Fort Riley before he deploys.  I really don't want to pull the kids out of a great school and good teachers in the middle of the school year again only to be there for a few months before Hans takes off.  Then we'll be stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.  Where as, if we stayed here, we have a support system already, a great house, lots to do, closer to Jason and Michelle/Lance and Nancy, etc.  We all went to Fort Riley last Saturday to check it out.  That kind of sealed the deal for us.  We are leaning more toward us just staying here in KC until after he gets back from the deployment.  When he returns, we will move there and be stationed there for another year after that.  However, this now means Hans will have to commute the two hours on the weekends.  He will have to find a room to rent while he's there too.  So this nine month deployment is going to feel much longer if we're only going to see him on the weekends before hand.  However, this will be the shortest deployment we've had and it will be his safest one.  And, I WON'T be having a baby while he's gone either.  :)  We can totally do this!  It definitely won't be as hard as the other two deployments.  Maybe it will motivate me to lose weight for when he comes home. :)

Anyway, if you've read all of this to the end, you're a better person than I.  Love to you all.  Hope everyone is doing well.



The Duke said...

You are definitely stronger than I am. I could not live your life.
Do you have your surgery planned yet?
Dad put your name on the temple prayer roll today when he was there.

Gillian Mohlman said...

I read every single word. im the bomb

I'm glad we can joke about how comical all this crap going on in your life is, but in all seriousness, i'm sorry you are having to go through all of it!

Michelle said...

You are awesome Lindsey! So strong. Sorry about having a bone spur, that bites. Hope they get it removed so you can run again soon. Looking forward to doing lots of races with you! You have a such a great attitude. When is your surgery? Glad Gabe is healing.