Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vacation Time

We have been talking about taking a short vacation all summer long. When Ammon ended up in the hospital, that became the vacation. I took a few days off to be up there with him and with the cost of gas and eating at the hospital, excess funds were quickly disappearing.  I still wanted to take some more time off so we decided to stay at home and get a few projects finished. The front door was my first goal. I had started sanding it last spring but the project got derailed due to Ammon's issues.

Finally!!  We bought some paint today and got the darn, ugly, worn-out door painted. I decided to stick with white since the railing on the ramp is white. Most of the varnish on the outside of the door had worn off and the wood was really in need of some paint. I think we may have to put some caulking around the frame of the door and should have done it first - I just didn't realize how poorly the framing really is. So until we can afford to buy a new door, this one is dressed up.

 These panels were really difficult to paint but they look nice!

 Paint always makes me happy. I should do it more often.
Tomorrow I will paint the other brown door by the garage which is in much worse condition than this one is. I don't know if it will help that door or not. I'm slowly getting rid of the BROWN (which I abhor).  Jim and I will also probably clean out the pantry in the garage and re-arrange stuff. Some of you might be getting some boxes in the mail, depending on what we find out there. And we will make our second batch of salsa with our home-grown peppers and tomatoes.

We spent the evening together watching a movie, we had good food today and we wandered around the ReStore store that is now across the road from IFA.  We hope to meet with Ammon's teachers and counselor to get his class schedule and we'll probably go out to eat one night.

That's my big vacation but I will be happy if we get a few projects done.


Michelle said...

Love the door, so awesome. A great change I think.

Jen said...

I think it's great too! Abby said "That's gorgeous!" Enjoy the rest of your vacation time!

Kaitlin Lanham said...

It looks great! Can't wait to see the rest of the doors all done and see the pantry all sorted out.