Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stripling Warriors

Jim, Jared, Ammon and I went to the 24th of July parade in Spanish Fork this morning. The weather was perfect so we decided to see if we could find a place to park ourselves. The motivating factor for going was to see the 2,000 stripling warriors. Several young men in our ward were in that group of boys.
Before the parade started we were entertained by these magic wands that make gigantic bubbles. I want one!!

There's always a lot of color at a parade. And a lot of people. I am amazed at how many people attend these parades and what a family party it becomes. It definitely makes you feel part of a community. We saw so many people from our old Spanish Fork ward and old friends that it felt like home.

They start them young here using guns!
I laughed out loud over this sign.
There weren't so many floats and I was quite bored through most of the parade. Once you've seen one, not much new is there. There were too many business cars and trucks for my taste.
I'm thinking Spanish Fork's band was missing a lot of boys due to the stripling warriors. I would not have had the band march. It was sad and embarrassing, but then Spanish Fork has never had a band.
There they come -- 2,000 stripling warriors. I wish Jared had participated. He forgot to go to the meeting on Sunday and I didn't know there was one. So he watched from the sidelines.
The banner said, "We Do Not Doubt." The Mormon Tabernacle men's version of "Helaman's Army" was playing and it was pretty impressive. You really can't get the scope of the number from the side of the street.

I liked this sign. And I liked the car below. Jim and I are definitely getting more and more valuable.

This was Ammon's favorite part of the parade. He was pretty excited to see Cosmo.

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Jess Clark said...

Looked like a fun parade. I watched the video online and read about it. I didn't realize Mike and Ray Morley were the chairpersons!