Sunday, June 09, 2013

Looking for greener grass in California

This last week was monumental in the Clark family because Adam, the stalwart and steady representative of Utah, moved to 73-degrees-year-round California. He represents the last able-bodied brother to leave me behind. Jason never really lived here (except for a brief time as an infant); Dave left for DC years ago; Lance sought warmer pastures in Florida years ago; now Adam seeks coastal fog and nice temperatures in California. I guess this leaves Ammon and me as the last representin' Clark boys around.

I put this picture on to always give Adam a great memory of that great Budget truck. From what he told me, "budget" is an appropriate moniker for the truck he rented.

One last hug before leaving the Pugh's barn empty!


The Duke said...

You can tell Adam was tired in this picture - and sick, of course.
I'm sure glad they made it safely, albeit a lot longer than expected.

LanceandNance said...

Well, we're moving to hog..pastures.. or something like that soon, so that's nice.

Side note: you should totally dress up as the awkward avoidance viking from studio c for Halloween this year...cause you kinda look like him.