Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happenings Part 1

The Saturday before Father's Day, the gang got together for lunch and then we went to the grotto up Payson Canyon. It is a fun hike and the first real test for my knees. (I made it up and back.)
The first time I ever went on this hike was with Jim the day we decided to get married. He didn't propose up there, but it was a wonderful little hike with the guy I had fallen in love with. So I guess the picture of Jess and Jen kissing brought back that memory a little. Oohh la, la.

 Chelsey and Jake.
 Brent watching the kids get wet.  I kept telling him that he needed to go in but he was smart and didn't get wet.
 Austin was finally still for a moment.
 Sarah, who was soaked to the bone, Leah and Lauren.
 Mia wasn't afraid of anything. She would have walked right under that falling water if Kevin would have let her. She seemed unfazed by her freezing little toes.
 Geoff and Jared hiked up to the top.
 Gillian sat at the bottom of the trail and battled ants crawling all over her. About seven weeks left if she makes it that long!

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Nancy said...

The next time we are in Utah I am going to make Lance take me to this beautiful grotto I've heard so much about and I will make him kiss me.