Monday, April 15, 2013

Paying it forward

Something wonderful happened tonight at the grocery store to Chad and I. There was a man behind us in line and our things were getting checked out. I was watching the screen to check prices when the man starts talking to Chad and I . He asks us if we are students. We told him yes. He then asks us where we go, UVU or BYU? We answer BYU. He then proceeds to hand Chad and I some money. It was 15 dollars, not much but to us right now it is a big deal. We were not sure if we should take it, yet how to react to this generous offer to us. He insists and gives us the money. It ended up helping to pay for our groceries tonight so we wouldn't have to dip into what little we have at the moment. We asked if he was a BYU grad himself. He said yes that he was and it turns out that he did an undergrad in Sociology and later on went to Law School. We asked his name. He answered Lindon Davis. Judge Lynn W. Davis. We are so very thankful for good people in this world that still continue to do good things. He went on to try and give us 5 more dollars but we insisted that we would be okay. He said that he loves to try and help people he sees around, especially those in the grocery store. He looks for people who could be students, widows, ect. We are so appreciative of people like this. We cannot wait to help out and pay it forward like this man did to us today. We were in shock walking out and are still very thankful for this man. Thank you Judge Davis.

I called dad on Chad's cell phone when we got into the car and told him of this experience. I had to tell someone. Pay it forward guys. We are blessed with so much in our lives. Even if we think we live with little and are at a low point, we have so much more than many do. We have family. We have the gospel. Smile. Make someones day. It doesn't have to be much. I know I will be much more conscious of it.


Mike and Adrianne said...

I'm happy someone nice was there to help you guys out!

The Duke said...

Ginger and I were just talking about a radio report shared today and how shocked the reporter was to find so many random acts of kindness in Boston. We commented on what a sad commentary it is to be surprised when someone does something kind for someone they don't even know. Bravo to Judge Davis! I'm so glad you had this experience.