Saturday, January 12, 2013

PhD: Pile it higher and deeper

Thought I'd add to Mom's post about the crazy snowfall we've had over the last three days or so. We had about a 10" base from the Christmas storm and then during this last storm we added roughly two more feet of snow. We've only had one day with temperatures above freezing and it lasted about 12 hours as a precursor to the incoming storm (much like Lindsey noted about her Kansas City weather -- same phenomenon here). We are lucky to have a neighbor who came over with his beast of a snowblower and cleared our driveway.

I took the opportunity this morning to go snowshoeing and loved being out in the fresh, white powder. It was cold today (never really got above 15 degrees) but worth it to get outside with clear air and NO INVERSION!!! These pictures were captured by my cell phone, so don't expect super quality. They are meant to tell the story, not be pretty.

Videos (stored on my Google Drive account -- too lazy to upload them to Vimeo tonight) about my hike this morning:
Video 1 - 45 seconds long
Video 2 - 32 seconds long

Beautiful view awaiting the sun to peek over the mountain
Encountering other hikers on the trail
Lots 'o snow
Very grateful to have a 4x4 to get me up in places my car or van would never dream about
Hard to see here due to the low contrast, but there's just a swath wide enough for a snowblower and that's it. 
I had to dig out in front of the mailbox so we'd still have our mail delivered.

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The Duke said...

You look just like us! It took the Coates one hour to dig their mailbox out of the snow and you can only see the lid that opens.
Tonight Kaitlin and Chad shoveled our driveway out again - it snowed lightly all day long. Maybe another 3-4" total. After they shoveled, they played in the snow for nearly a half hour. They jumped off the deck, fell backwards, buried each other, etc. It's so deep and light it doesn't hurt to drop a few feet backwards.