Thursday, December 20, 2012

White Elephant exchange?

I thought it would be fun to do a White Elephant exchange party while we are there.  Provided we ever show up anyway.

This doesn't have to be a big deal, just something fun, anything you could pick up under $10

Would this be something we could all do when most of us are together?

Let me know what you all think about this and what night would work while we are there?


Michelle said...

Some ideas from a post on facebook

little grab bag of batteries together and put a tag on it not included.
Giant gummy bear?
thigh master
10 pound can of tomato sauce...a gift regifted for years at an annual white elephant!
Chia Pet!!
an actual white elephant figurine. I saw some at a TJ Maxx earlier this month!

A plunger with rolls of T.P. on the handle and wrapped.

straws with reusable clip on mustaches. That's what I ended up with yesterday and love them!
14 minutes ago via mobile · Like · A giant package of toilet paper!
shake weight
I made the "JOY" sign that's been posted like crazy on Pinterest. Most folks like something, but don't ever get around to making it for themselves.

child's game, like Candyland!

I just did one...cleaned out junk drawer...made it a theme...with golf balls, bingo daubers, poker chips and playing cards

A can of SPAM.
The Clapper.
A toilet seat. Ya know a new one still in the package but the reaction is awesome.

Ive always wanted to do the framed pic of myself tho and autograph it. But I never have parties to go to lol

laundry detg
I saw a white elephant gift idea that was a small bag with 2 AA batteries in it and behind them printed on cute scrap book paper it said "Gift not included"

"Shave and Play Barbie" from I'm doing it for a party on Saturday and I CAN'T wait!! Hysterical, and super easy to make. They even have a printable for you! LOVE the Dating Divas!
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A Christmas Ornament

I've heard of a box in a box in a box, and in the last box was a box cutter! Everyone loves itunes.
I made brownies in a mason jar, and got a bottle of grey goose.

A fruit cake that looks re-gifted multiple times.

I saw a gift where a person used a tampon an made an angel ornament out of it..I wish I knew where I saw it, I would post a picture for you..

I gave my "thigh master" one year....buns of steel video another year

Snuggie's were at hit at ours. Everyone was fighting over them

An angelfish or goldfish in their own tank with a side of their own food!

my sister used to get a framed picture from our aunt (she was my sister's godmother) every year. We are in our 50's now and we still laugh about it to this day!

How about those Kotex house slippers... one year I made those and decorated the tops with foam flowers! Was hilarious!

Get a really ugly sweater than tape a 20 dollar bill inside at the end the person with the sweater will be surprised

A headshot of you on another body.

Prunes and a roll of toilet tissue.

Toilet seat
Chia pet.
Denture cream.
Preparation H.
Your face on a t-shirt with a heart around it.

Reindeer noses aka whoppers
My hubby took a Subway sandwich once. It was the hottest item at the party.

At Walmart they sell a fuzzy ball that vibrates!!!
Dawn Purtle Always tape a popular candy bar to the package, makes people want it

Do they still make toe socks?

Toilet mug from amazon.... And then bake some brownies cut then in squares and place them in the mug!

A goldfish in a bowl

An 8 Ball.

The biggest pair of undies with a gift card attatched a pogo stick
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a moomoo,

A snuggie!

We just went to one & got the awkward family photos book. I laughed so hard liking@those pics.

Michelle said...

more ideas:

Take a box of velveeta cheese and a can of chili and tape them together upwards. Put in a win bag. Everyone will think its a bottle of wine because it makes it the same height and weight. Throw in a Starbucks card just to be nice.

Always a ugly Christmas sweater!!

A picture frame with your picture in it!

Extra extra large undies ?

I'm loving these ideas!! I don't have an idea to give because I've never done one of these exchanges but I have been invited to one recently. Thanks for posting!

Candlelight dinner for 2 anywhere in the world - a box of Kraft Dinner, a few candles and something to drink. I included a note that said only dinner was included - airfare and accommodations are the responsibility of the person receiving the gift.

My coworker just received a used waffle maker!!

Fanny pack!!!

One Direction toothbrush.

I got one some years ago with a can of chili, crackers, toliet paper and a magazine...

Serving platters, jewelry were top at the two I attended this season.

Batteries with a note that says "gift not included"

you can get cool duct tape these days and make a duct tape wallet

How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet
If you have a taste for the unconventional, enjoy do-it-yourself, or simply love...
See More

Pack of Toilet paper and air freshener

Mindi Hoellein A picture of you framed.

I bought a can of popcorn people were fighting over it. The kids book Everyone Poops

Fowler Beta fish!
I got a rubber chicken for our party. You squeeze it and an egg comes out its rear LOL

slippers made out of maxi pads...don't forget to embellish them with sequins, flowers or glitter and put them in an old shoe box....sure to provide loads of laughs!

Last year i brought a wonder woman snuggy(found it at kmart) this year im making an apron with scantily clad holiday themed men.

As seen on tv gift are always fun!

toilet paper and air freshener

A picture if yourself in a frame then hide money inside of frame. People will be sorry they didn't steal that picture of you!!
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A gold fish!!! Lol. No one would ever expect that!!

Funny ceramics from the thrift store...or a velvet piece of artwork!

For my ladies only white elephant gift, I bought this book, a string of fake pearls, a mini bottle of wine and chocolate.

I attach some candy bars, do whatever they get stuck with, it's still a win!Signed picture of yourself...your autograph

Last week at a white elephant party I received toothpaste!?

That GIANT Hershey bar!!!

I got gnome salt and pepper shakers for ours at work. Mind you we had to be professional or some of these ideas would have been awesome!!!

Some friends of ours just gave a box of turtles (chocolates) with some missing and several half- eaten. Taped pics of the couple eating them and their two girls taking bites on the inside of the box.

One of the kids from the group wrapped up 501 pennies in a box with a note that says "Now you can enjoy 501 rides on Sandy the Horse" (at Meijer).

There's a board game called "Akward Family Photos" and it's HILARIOUS!!!! The object of the game is to come up with the best caption. They are REDICULOUS! LOL!

BOD man really ripped abs fragrance spray. It is $3 at Walmart and why workout when you can spray on abs.

Funniest thing I ever saw at a white elephant was a gallon size can of baked beans.

ugly holiday sweater - pass it on!

a baggie with a set of batteries and a card that says "Gift Not Included!"

Old VCR tapes

make a sock puppet!

chelsey said...

we're in. Love white elephant gifts. Adam- Sarah talks about a certain smiley face night gown all the time! ;)

The Duke said...

What about Ammon's cat sweater that Adam got last year? Best white elephant gift ever.
We're in, too.