Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sledding Fun

We've had two snow storms so far this year -- one that dropped about 4 inches and the next that dropped 13. In reality, it's been a very dry and quiet November and December. From comments I've seen on Facebook from Michelle and Tana, it looks like they've had a pretty mild fall - entry to winter, as well.

During our last snow storm, we decided to make some sledding runs. We have a sloped side yard -- just enough to be annoying when mowing the lawn but not sloped enough to get serious speed when sledding. But that didn't mean we didn't try. Check out the video I compiled from a number of short clips I captured with my cell phone.

Sledding Veterans Day 2012 from Jess and Jen Clark on Vimeo.


Nancy said...

John would love this. I do miss that snow sometimes.

Ammon said...

This is Mom on Ammon's computer - I'm excited to see your fireplace live -- it looks black, not dark brown. It really changes the whole look. I want to see the whole house as it begins to pull together. I'm impressed! We'll get up there during the holidays when I have some days off.

Michelle said...

I don't miss snow yet, but the video is cute. Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves.