Friday, November 16, 2012

Perils of Moving

A few years ago Adam, Amy, and family sold their home in Provo and moved to Elk Ridge. I drove down from Salt Lake City with my pickup and a trailer. On my way down, I picked up Kevin Mohlman at his apartment. While there, I stepped into one of those infamous 8-foot-deep Provo gutters and severely rolled my ankle.

I hobbled around the entire day on a badly-swollen ankle.

A year ago Adam, Amy, and family moved from Elk Ridge to South Jordan, UT. It was the weekend before Thanksgiving, Mike and Adrianne were here, and it was an exciting time. They had help on the Elk Ridge side and I was slated to be one of the few on the South Jordan side to help unload and get settled in. I was even going to meet Adam in Orem with my truck to get some furniture from his office.

I got the flu THAT DAY and was unable to help.

Fast forward a year. Adam, Amy, and family moved out of their home in South Jordan. It's the weekend before Thanksgiving. I was going to leave work early on Thursday and meet them at their house with my truck to help load and haul.

I got the flu THAT DAY and was unable to help.


I feel much better today, but the move is done.

Adam and Amy's move this week is temporary so here's to hoping their next move comes on a healthy week for me. I think I owe them one. And I hope this is their last move because I'm not sure my body can handle it anymore.


Dave and Tana said...

sure jess whatever... We know you're faking.

I never help any of the family move. It would be a bit much for me to fly out for it... But at least I am not conveniently ditching out. hahaha!!! JK lol love you forever.

Aurora said...

Feliz Navidad desde EspaƱa