Friday, November 09, 2012

Getting Ready for Winter

I am sitting here in our home office waiting for my carpool ride to arrive. As I look out the window, I see giant snowflakes falling and covering everything outside. We are supposed to have a large storm impact the state the weekend but then we'll be back up in the 50's next week. This Fall has been absolutely awesome; we've had one serious storm that brought snow already but when it wasn't storming, it has been 65-70 degrees and ideal for just about anything!

I came home from work early yesterday to attend to some tasks while the weather was still nice. Jen planted ~90 tulip bulbs in our front yard, I mowed the yard one final time this year, and then gathered outdoor patio stuff and kids' toys. We'll put down one more lawn "winterizer" fertilizer next week once the snow melts and I hope to hang Christmas lights then, too.

We continue to make progress on our home. Some of the tasks are repairs while others are improvements. I hung hooks for coats yesterday (an improvement) and also replaced our master shower cartridge valve yesterday (a repair). When our shower was off we would still get a slow leak out of the head, indicating a valve that wasn't stopping the water flow. Got 'er done!

Last I heard, Adam and Amy are supposed to close on their home today. This is exciting stuff for them! Both Jason and Jen celebrate birthdays tomorrow (Jason - 42 and Jen - 33). Monday is a federal holiday.


The Duke said...

We had everything in our yard winterized except for the leaves. The one tree covering the deck always loses its leaves in one day and it is before they turn yellow. They have never dried up. Jim was waiting for that day to happen. We just didn't have any leaves on the ground until a couple of days ago. We thought yesterday would be the day for the tree to lose its leaves. We went outside last night to look at it and the leaves are completely dried up but have not fallen. It's very strange. But the hard wind yesterday afternoon brought half the other leaves down and now they are ankle deep with snow expected to cover them today. It will not be fun to get those raked up by next week!
I hope both Jason and Jen have great birthdays tomorrow!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you are getting a lot done. Your yard should be absolutely beautiful in the Spring.
You'll have to take lots of pictures of all those tulips. Happy Early Birthday Jen!