Wednesday, September 05, 2012

update on the momos

I went to the doctor today since I have been feeling sick for like two months. I have literally been crying for an hour a day, and have had no desire to do anything whatsoever. I have to force myself to get out of bed everyday, and It takes everything I have to be happy lately. I feel so drained. I feel numb- I am not happy, but I am not sad. I love my life and being a mom and wife, but I just have been in this rut- and I cant seem to figure out what it is. I have been working out, and thats still not helping. I know alot of you dont understand about the drepression thing because you havent had it, but it really is so real- and I have been reminded of that this whole last two months... bummer. 

So, I got my depression medicine upped from 20mg to 40mg, I got a migraine pill to try when I get one (which is about once a week), and I have a sinus infection. Haha. I didnt know I had a sinus infection till she looked in my nose and said it was super inflamed and red. So she thought that could be causing some of my bad headaches. So I got an antibiodic for that. On top of that, because I cant loose weight and I am so tired all the time, she thinks I may have sleep apnea, so I have to get a test for that. They are sending a machine home that will track my oxygen levels for a night, and then if its bad, I will get the real test with the mask. I also had to get my blood drawn to check my CBC, thyroid, vit. d, and iron and a few other things. whew! that was a 3 hour appointment... I hope it just turns out to be that the headaches are from the sinus infection, and that I can get that taken care of asap. what a day!

Kevin and I are going to the 5K on Saturday for Laila, Kev will do the 5K and I will walk the fun run with Miss Mia. I can't believe shes 6 months already. Shes eating anything she can get her hands on. She grabbed a hotdog right out of my hand the other day, and shoved it right in her mouth! haha. She LOVES bananas, and sweet potatoes. She still cries every day almost the whole day usually, and after seeing her 6 month doc he decided he wants her to see a GI specialist to make sure there aren't any other issues. I was trying to feed her while at the appointment (bottle) and and was screaming bloody murder. He asked if she was always like that when time to eat, and I said most of the time, yes. He got this crazy look and his face and said he was going to send me to a PCMC GI specialist. So at least I have doctors that are mindful of my sanity!!! haha

Kevin gets a dollar raise this next month!! He might even get $1.50- depending on how his lead at work gave a report on him. :) Wish him luck! 

Whats everyone else up to?


The Duke said...

You have been a real trooper in handling all you have on your plate lately. My prayers go out to you as you sort through all the difficulties. I hope the sinus infection is the cause so you can get to feeling better quickly.
Love you.

Lokodi said...

I'm glad you have a doctor who's thorough. That's going to be a huge blessing for you. Sorry you have to go through all this. That sounds like no fun having to deal with depression, weightloss, a screaming baby, sinus infection, etc.

There's nothing worse than having to deal with a screaming baby when you're not feeling well yourself. Good luck honey. I hope you get out of your funk soon.

Chin up and know that I love you!


Michelle said...

I hope you feel better soon and they can find out what is botherin Mia as well. From experience with having both sinus and migraines. Sometimes sinus headaches feel almost as bad or very close to a migrane headache. I hope you can clear up all your headaches and get back to feeling really good again.