Sunday, September 09, 2012

Last BYU Game

Yesterday we did not run with the rest of the Utah family members because we had been given tickets to the Weber St./BYU football game before we knew the dates would conflict.  We thought about trying to make it to both events but I felt like that would make for a very difficult day for me, Ammon and Jim. This will probably be the last football game Ammon will attend. While he loves the idea of the games, he doesn't truly like the game and doesn't understand it very well. I explain it all as it goes on but he gets pretty spacy through the experience.  These tickets came directly through the BYU Football Thursday's Heroes program. He and I got go to down on the field before the game and just hang out and watch the cheerleaders, warm-ups with the players, etc.  It was pretty exciting for us to be down there. Only two of us could go down so Jim stayed up on his seat on the 40-yard line about three rows up. Ammon and I sat about 4 rows above him. 
Here is Ammon as we just got down through the tunnel at the beginning.

 The middle player is Ross Apo - weird way to hold his gloves!  He was dressed and warmed up but when they came back out for the game, he was in sweats and did not play. Some minor injury that caused the coaches to give him a week of rest.  He's a very good player.
 This is Skyler Ridley. His wife is a good friend of Kaitlin. They just got married this summer. Kaitlin was invited to go but couldn't go out of town for the reception.  He has become a star this year.
 More warm-ups.
 This is Cort Trejo.  He is an assistant administrator for football events.  He went on a mission for two years and just returned this year.  He is responsible for the Hero reunions, the bike ride they are sponsoring to Boise State University this coming week and for the tickets we received. 
 As the players come running out of the tunnel, smoke goes off, the band is standing at attention making a line for them to run through and the crowd goes crazy.  We were right by the machine. As soon as the players came on the field, we went back up to our seats.
 These flags are carried around the field every time BYU makes a touchdown.
 Coach Mendenhall and the players just waiting to come on the field.
 I got come fun pictures of the band. They were phenomenal yesterday!
 This young man is Mike & Kristen Morley's son Oaks. He was also on the field as a visiting recruit. He is 18 and a senior in high school this year. 
 Riley Nelson, the quarterback with the "hair" watching from the sidelines.  BYU was able to play three different quarterbacks and most of their line-up as we whopped Weber State 43-13. (I think that was the final score.)
We got the chance to meet Jimmer Fredette who comes to all the games. He was super nice.
I had to walk from the Marriott Center parking lot down to the west side of the stadium to pick up our tickets. I had Ammon with me and didn't realize that there were no curb cutaways for his wheelchair to have easy access to cross the street so we walked a lot further than I planned.  My knee didn't hurt while walking but both legs and feet were in agony after we got home.


Jess and Jen said...

Looks like a fun day. I'm so glad you guys got to go! -Jen

Jason said...

I love going to football games. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

Dave and Tana said...

Fun! Looks like it was a blast. You got to meet so many cool people!

Aurora said...

¿Como finaliz├│ el partido? los jugadoresa est├ín cachas bravo