Monday, August 13, 2012

Random, Weird or Stupid Photos

I am in a mood tonight to add weird or random photos here. 
Yes, Caleb and Jason are laying down (lying down? My English teacher could never teach me that one.)

 I have no idea who's finger that is -maybe they were pointing at the bubble on top of Jared's head. It makes me laugh.
 The wood looks like the duck - so weird.
 Sleeping ducks -- when you ask me how I'm doing and I say "Ducky" just think of this one.
Turtles and ducks living in harmony.
How sweet.
 Hmm --- that would be fun to try.


Kaitlin Clark said...

Hey I know those crazy kids in the last picture!

Jason said...

Those are the exact same costumes we wore at Rick's on the Folk Dance team for a Ukrainian Hopak.