Sunday, July 29, 2012


For all the spouses of our kids that weren't in attendance at Jason and Michelle's wedding (that's all of you), I thought I'd show you a picture of them on the day they got married in the Chicago Temple. 
They celebrated their 20th anniversary on Saturday.

Don't you love that "eye" Jason is giving? 

 President Dennis Flynn (used to be a councilor in our Stake Presidency in Nebraska) sealed them.
Jason and Michelle at the St. Louis Temple one year ago.

Kevin and Gillian will celebrate their 3rd anniversary on Tuesday but I only have one wedding picture of them hanging on my wall that's too large to scan.

Michelle and Kevin, we are very happy that you joined our family group. We love you.


Lokodi said...

Does anyone else think Michelle looks even better now than when they first got married? Man Jason, you're lucky to have a wife that only gets better with age. :) You look great Michelle! Jason, I guess you're not too bad either. :)


Michelle said...

Thanks Lindsey, I was just thinking how fat I looked and how horrible I looked. So I appreciate this comment very much.

Mike and Adrianne said...

You look great, Michelle. and you can be happy knowing that you are healthy. Happy anniversary guys.

chelsey said...

Happy anniversary to both of you couples! And yes, you all look great!

Jason said...

Michelle was beautiful then and even more gorgeous now. She's like a good, sharp cheddar.

Aurora said...

Muchas felicidades en vuestro aniversario, que seas muy felices, y podais disfrutr el uno del otro durante mucho tiempo un saludo

Jess and Jen said...

Jason, does that mean Michelle is cheesy? -Jess

Jason said...

No, it means she's smelly.