Saturday, June 16, 2012


Since Chelsey and Brent are now in Europe, several of the family members are taking some time to stay with their kids.  I was able to spend Friday evening and Saturday until Kaitlin got up there.  The kids took me on a walk last night around their neighborhood. We saw dogs, horses, gorgeous flowers and a bird with a broken wing that they tried to catch. We even trespassed to see a baby colt. It was a beautiful night for walking. We had a fun evening together.  It was nice to see Jess and his family when they came over for a while.

Kaitlin was at youth conference with Ammon until about noon today. She will be staying with the kids on the weekends and at night, driving back and forth to work. We appreciate everyone's help and I appreciate Geoff's direction with his siblings. He is showing his maturity as the oldest sibling. Jake even talked to me!! I couldn't believe it. He looked me in the eye and talked to me and even smiled. 

This flower lives across the street from the Pughs. Amazing!


Michelle said...

gorgeous flower.

Jess and Jen said...

We made the trek down to Elk Ridge today and got the full scoop on Ammon's youth conference experience. Sounded like he had a great time! -Jess